Get Involved

We invite you to join one of our ministry groups here at Trinity. Ministry, that is what we call the various outreach initiatives, meetings and fellowship happenings within our church community. There are numerous opportunities for you to participate, serve others and grow in your spiritual journey. Our programs are rich in variety and we feel that we have a fitting place for everyone.

Also, as a volunteer organization, our church depends on those willing to give their time and energy. Be an active participant in something meaningful! In addition to helping your church and community, volunteering is an excellent way to get to know people and discover what a wonderful church family you have.

If you would like to become more involved or have something to share with our faith community, we welcome you with open arms. To get started, just talk to people after church, check out what's happening in our weekly announcements, explore the pages on this website (click the links on the right) or contact us for more information.