Baptism & Confirmation

Baptism, Christening


Baptism is a sacrament in the United Church of Canada, along with Holy Communion. It is a symbolic action that signifies the new life God gives us as we join the church community. In our church, baptisms are usually performed as a part of Sunday worship. Water, the element used in baptism, nourishes and cleanses as we pour it onto the head of the person being baptized.

The United Church offers baptism to all ages. In choosing to baptize an infant, parents and sponsors are recognizing that God loves the child and is at work in the child's life. They and their Church family also make a covenant to support the child as they grow in their faith. More information on baptism can be found on the United Church of Canada website.


While Confirmation is not a sacrament, it is a time when a young person who was baptized as an infant can choose to make their own profession of faith. Confirmation is not about church membership. It is a process of interactive classes and activities, usually for youth in Grade 8, that allows them to ask questions, explore their faith, learn about other faith communities, and affirm the commitment made for them at baptism.


Please contact the church office if you wish to learn more about the practices of Baptism and Confirmation at Trinity United Church. For more information about our Youth Ministries and the Sunday School, please visit our Children & Youth page.